At Apex, we offer Complete Chimney Safety Inspections to all areas of London and North Kent.

If you move in to a property and there is already a fireplace there – is it safe? We can check your chimney and identify any potential or dangerous situations that may be present which may be harmful to you, your property or that of your neighbours. This can be either on an existing installation that has suddenly developed a fault, or a fireplace and chimney that you have never used before.

How Apex can help

We can harness our vast experience and library of chimney faults to diagnose virtually any chimney related problem and produce a full report ‘in plain English’ for you to act upon.



You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but it can kill quickly and without warning. All appliances, whether they burn gas, smokeless fuel, coal, wood or oil all make carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide (C0) can result in death as well as serious long term health problems.

The six main symptoms are :-

1) headaches
2) dizziness
3) nausea
4) breathlessness
5) collapse
6) loss of consciousness

What is Carbon Monoxide (Co)?complete chimney safety inspections

Carbon Monoxide (Co ) is a highly poisonous gas produced during incomplete combustion. It can be caused by a faulty appliances, incorrect chimney cowl and terminals, a blocked or partially blocked chimney flue or if air vents are sealed or blocked.

What should I do If I suspect that I am subjected to Co poisoning?

Get to fresh air immediately, open doors and windows, turn off or shut down appliances and leave the property.
You should see your Doctor or visit Hospital and let them know that you suspect that you have been subjected to Carbon Monoxide. A blood or breath test should show conclusively.


Complete Chimney Safety Inspections

Apex Chimney Sweeps can carry out chimney sweeping, chimney testing and chimney CCTV inspections and by harnessing our vast knowledge and our extensive library of chimney / fireplace faults we will identify any problem and suggest a remedy for you.