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Chimney Brush coming out of chimney top by Apex Chimney Sweep Services London

Our Chimney Sweep Services

APEX CHIMNEY SWEEPS offer a complete range of chimney sweep services from simple chimney sweeping to full surveys including smoke testing and CCTV surveys for complete peace of mind.

We have dedicated pages detailing our services below, along with links to a range of helpful articles covering a wide variety of chimney sweep related subjects. If you require more information about anything chimney related for London or the North Kent area, please feel welcome to contact us and we’ll be delighted to discuss your needs.

Our Chimney Services

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Related Chimney Sweep Articles

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Buying And Burning Logs

When you purchase logs, generally they will be sold as either Hardwood or Softwood, seasoned or unseasoned. Below I will try to explain what is best and why.

For wood burners in particular, hardwood is without doubt the best type of log. It is much denser than softwood and it therefore burns for much longer. It comes from deciduous, broad leaved trees, unlike softwood which burns quickly (and therefore you need to re fuel more often) and comes from evergreen coniferous species such as pine and fir. Read More

Soot – it’s history, uses and connection to the chimney sweep industry

In olden days soot had many uses, cleared from chimneys by sweeps it was dirty, smelly and not very healthy to be around. However, it was believe it or not, a much sought after commodity. As the old saying goes “where there’s muck – there’s money” it was wanted by the fertiliser industry, it was used for making dyes for wool, it was even thought to be good for cleaning teeth but this was more likely due to the chimney sweeps black faces making their teeth look whiter. Read more

Best Practices for Optimum Fireplace Performance

While your fireplace is supposed to offer you comfort and be a thing of beauty in your home, it can become a nuisance if issues arise with the chimney or any other part of it. What’s more, many people fear that the cost of making repairs can be quite expensive. However, this is often not the case. There are a number of good ways in which your chimney’s performance can be enhanced and improved without it costing you an excessive amount of money. Read More

A Little Help When Choosing A Stove

Choosing a stove can be as confusing as choosing a car with so many things to consider which are very similar. What make, what colour, what output, how much does it cost, how long will it last and so on and so forth. Read More

Benefits of Opening a Fireplace

Opening a fireplace that was previously redundant can be a great move, adding value and appeal to your home. If you plan on reselling in the future, this renovation project can also encourage more interest in your property. Read More