The implications of the new building regulations – Video Transcript

(edited for greater clarity)

The implications of the new building regulations actually bring certain criteria into a legal (document) requirement that never used to be there. Such as: relining the chimney is now part of building regulations – you require consent to do it. The work has to be carried out by competent persons – competent persons being people who have been trained and assessed to do the work. 

General Builders & New Building Regulations

If you get a general builder to reline your chimney or repair your chimney, then the local building control officer would have to oversee the work and sign it off as being compliant. If you use a chimney sweep who’s HETAS registered or Gas Safe registered for carrying out either solid fuel work or gas work (competent for the task), then they can actually sign the work off without bringing in a third party (Building Control) to sign off as being compliant.

new building regulations approved document j

New building regulations approved document J

Building Regulations Are Strict

The building regulations are strict, it’s actually a legal document. The first building regulations that I was aware of were from 1965 and then they were revised in 2002 and again in 2010: that’s when all of these new changes came in to effect, requiring people to do things to a set code of practice without default. It details lots of different things, such as ventilation, hearth sizes, things like distances of flues and flue pipes to combustible materials, and from the appliance itself to combustible materials etc So it’s a very important Document.

A Good Chimney Sweep in London

A registered chimney sweep is trained to be able to pick up on anything that’s wrong, as would a registered heating engineer. The heating engineer would be HETAS registered. I’m a HETAS registered engineer, I’m also a HETAS registered chimney sweep. So that means I’ve attended courses that make me aware of what the regulations are. I’ve have passed assessments to make me confident to be sure that everything I check is compliant. If it isn’t compliant then we issue a warning notice.

So you’re the best of both worlds?