How Do I Know When My Chimney Needs Sweeping? A top London chimney sweep explains.

Apex Chimney Sweeps London explain how waiting for a time when you think your chimney needs sweeping is an inadvisable course of action and could even be putting you in danger. ‘How Do I Know When My Chimney Needs Sweeping’ could be the most mistaken question you’ll ask.

Video Transcription

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Lee Pearce: The chimney should be swept regularly, regardless of use. Really the chimney should be swept with a sweeping programme – when we sweep your chimney, we will leave you with a certificate and on the certificate we will give you the pattern that you should sweep the chimney.

Again, as I said previously, once a year for smokeless coal, every three months when you’re burning wood. It’s best to sweep the chimney on an annual basis or a bi-annual basis – that way you’ll know the chimney is safe to use. If you leave it until you get a problem then you could be in danger because you don’t sweep the chimney regularly – the chimney could catch fire or it could become blocked and pass noxious gases, including carbon monoxide, back into the property.

So it’s best not wait until you think it needs to be swept, just sweep it when the chimney sweep tells you to sweep it.

Use A Professional

You are strongly advised to use a professional chimney sweep.

certificate of chimney sweeping

Certificate of Chimney Sweeping


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