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Does My Gas Fire Need Chimney Sweeping?

Does My Gas Fire Need Chimney Sweeping?

Does My Gas Fire Need Chimney Sweeping? A chimney sweep explains.

Apex Chimney Sweeps London explain how it is always a good idea to have your chimney swept, even if you are using a gas fire rather than a ‘real’ fire. Although it may not seem obvious, chimneys still have to be kept in good condition so the fumes can safely escape out of the house.

Video Transcription

(Slightly edited for better reading)

Lee Pearce: If there’s a gasfire in place, chimneys should be swept. Not so much from a fire safety point of view – because gas fire chimneys are very unlikely to catch fire if it’s been swept previously. Before any gas fire has been installed, the chimneys should be swept through to make sure it’s clear and it’s safe to use. It should also be tested to make sure it’s safe to use.

But fro a maintenance basis, the chimney does need to be swept regularly. Even cobwebs building up in the chimney flue, with dust falling down on top of them have been known to block a chimney and stop the fumes from the gas fire evacuating through the chimney and out through the top. So, yes, it does need to be done regularly and again it’s vital that it’s done once a year.

Use A Professional

You are strongly advised to use a professional chimney sweep.


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