Chimney sweep video advice – does chimney sweeping leave a mess?

If you need your chimney or fireplace cleaning or even just a chimney inspection, you’ll obviously be wondering if the chimney sweep will leave a mess. Here, Lee Pearce of Apex Chimney Sweeps in London, explains the process of chimney cleaning services and the steps that Apex takes in fireplace chimney cleaning to ensure that no mess will be left at your fireplace. Of course, we always recommend you use a certified chimney sweep to make sure your chimney repair cost is limited to the job itself!

Video Transcription

(Slightly edited for better reading)

Lee Pearce: When we sweep a chimney, we take great care to cover the floor area in front of the fireplace. The fireplace itself, depending on what style of fireplace it is, would be sealed with a special sheet which we’d sweep the chimney through. The sheet is a callico sheet, so there’s no dust leakage through it – it’s quite a tight weave. we use vacuum cleaners as well to minimise the dust if necessary. But the whole area of the fireplace would sealed up when we sweep the chimney. The dust is contained within the fireplace area.

Then after we’ve finished sweeping the chimney, we would remove the cover and then we would remove the soot – either by vacuum or we’d shovel it in to a bucket and take it away that way.

There’s not always soot in chimneys – sometimes there are pieces of chimney lining and brick dust that comes down the chimney. But under most circumstances, there shouldn’t be any mess at all when we sweep your chimney.

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