covid announcement
Click here to see our Covid Protocols, helping to keep our customers safe during the ongoing Covid situation.

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Covid-19 & Infection Control

Protecting ourselves and our customers

Lee Pearce has achieved accreditation having undertaken an online course studying Infection Control with CPD online College.

This will help ensure  a safe working environment for all concerned when we return back to work. Protecting ourselves and our customers.

infection control qualification
Infection Control Qualification

Additional safety measures during the Covid 19 pandemic

As a responsible company, Apex Chimney Sweeps has implemented strict procedures to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid19).

We have undertaken a training course on Infection Control which is CPD certified. In addition we will use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and use sanitizing procedures as standard.

IMPORTANT: You must not book an appointment with us if you or any person in your household is suffering from Covid 19 or appears to have any symptoms relating to the virus, are shielding because you/they are in a vulnerable group or if you are in quarantine for any reason. Should any of the aforementioned occur between when you booked the appointment with us and the date of our visit then you MUST notify us immediately.

To prepare for our visit you must, where possible ;

  • Open window(s) at least one hour before our scheduled appointment time, to allow the room(s) to be as well ventilated as possible. The windows should remain open for at least one hour after we have left.
  • Remove all ornaments, pokers, fuel, log baskets etc. from the fireplace / hearth area before we arrive. Clean all ash and anything else from the grate area before we arrive.
  • Ensure that there is a clear interrupted passage through the property from the main entrance to the fireplace(s) area where we will be working, any doors must be wedged / fixed open.
  • Remove any furniture which may be in our way such as coffee tables, rugs etc. and ensure that there is a clear space to a depth of 1.5M from the fireplace opening back into the room.
  • Ensure that there is a plug socket which is clear, accessible and working, in each room that we will be working in.

Social distancing must be respected at all times during our visit a 2M distance is the minimum. Customers and their families and pets will be expected to vacate the rooms in which we are working.

Card or contactless payment methods will employed, you will be expected to sign our certification upon completion so please have a pen at hand for this.