Chimney CCTV Inspection photos

Chimney CCTV Inspection photos how where a loft extension leads to a very unhappy neighbour.

chimney cctv inspection photos


Another Chimney CCTV inspection for a party wall loft extension and another RSJ in a neighbours chimney flue!

CCTV Chimney Surveys


So, if you have any concerns whatsoever and are in the London or North Kent areas, do think about having a chimney CCTV inspection carried out  just contact us at Apex Chimney Sweeps and we’ll be delighted to have a chat with you about it. 

apex chimney sweeps london

Not Just Chimney CCTV Inspection photos!

As well as  a Chimney CCTV Survey, Apex also offer a variety of other chimney services for London, such as Chimney Smoke TestingComplete Chimney Safety Inspections and of course Chimney Sweeping