Can unswept chimneys cause carbon monoxide risk?

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Can unswept chimneys cause carbon monoxide risk? A chimney sweep explains.

Apex Chimney Sweeps London explains that all fires – solid fuel, burning wood or smokeless coal or gas – emit carbon monoxide  and therefore present a danger to you if you don’t get your chimney swept on a regular basis. Sweeping chimneys clears them from obstruction and allows these dangerous gases to go up the chimney and out of harm’s way. 

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Lee Pearce: If the chimney is not swept regularly, the risk is that the chimney becomes obstructed.  Obstructed with soot or debris, it could be obstructed with a birds nest; it could be obstructed with a squirrels nest, a wasps nest or a bees nest – there are several things that could cause a problem with a chimney.

A chimney that’s not swept regularly, with a build up inside it, is going to be more of a danger than a chimney that’s clear and clean; because if the carbon monoxide gases (which are caused by any fire that burns – be it solid fuel, burning wood or smokeless coal or gas – all fires makes carbon monoxide. If the fumes can’t escape, the risk of the fumes coming back is a danger to you. 


Use A Professional

You are strongly advised to use a professional chimney sweep.


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