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Apex Chimney Services – London BACKS BURN RIGHT CAMPAIGN

A LOCAL chimney sweep is backing a national campaign to help reduce pollution and keep flues safe.

Apex Chimney Services of London, has signed up to the Burn Right campaign.

It was formulated by chimney sweeps and professionals in the solid fuel industry in an effort to educate people on how to use their woodburners and multi fuel stoves correctly.

If not properly operated, appliances can not only pollute the atmosphere, but also pose a risk to life and property.

Lee Pearce, of Apex Chimney Services, said: “ The Burnright campaign has come at a critical time, as the government is looking closely at emissions from domestic fires.

“The root of the problem is that the wood is often not burned at a high enough temperature. If it’s not hot enough then unburned fuel vapours travel up and out of the chimney causing unnecessary pollution.  

“There is a real lack of awareness with some of these issues and most people who use a stove don’t even know there is a problem, let alone think that they might be a part of it.

“The design of the stove and the moisture content of the wood are two factors that affect the burning temperature but the most important thing is the way the user controls the air supply to the stove. Basically, if the air supply is closed off too much, the wood can’t burn hot enough.  Closing the air off too much does not save fuel, it wastes fuel!”

“Burn Right seeks to help people who use stoves to get it right and make a difference to the air quality where they live. Not only is this good news for the environment, but users will save money, their chimney will be cleaner – and therefore safer – and the chimney and the stove will last longer too.

“The campaign is being spearheaded by professional chimney sweeps across the country, and I’m pleased to be one of them. We have a unique perspective of the stove, the fuel, the chimney and the customers burning habits and can advise accordingly.”

For a full guide, go to the  BurnRight website – complete with video demonstrations which explain everything. “Get it Right” at:  www.BurnRight.co.uk


Burn Right


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