The objective of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is to promote and facilitate the training of sufficient people in the skills needed for a world-class construction industry.

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CITB Objectives
Its strategic objectives are:

  • To identify training requirements and to set and monitor occupational standards for craft, operative, technical, supervisory and management staff.
  • To promote progress towards a qualified workforce through systems of recognised qualifications and schemes for recording training achievements, throughout the working life.
  • To play a part in encouraging suitable people to enter – and remain in – the construction industry.
  • To encourage, advise on, facilitate and help industry to provide: sufficient numbers of trained craft, operative, technical, supervisory and management staff, in anticipation of its future needs training arrangements for new entrants particular training for specialist occupations.
  • To provide direct training where there is no satisfactory market alternative in terms of type, quality, quantity and sustainability and to minimise the cost to industry. Where this creates assets with excess capacity, the use of and value from these assets will be improved by selling services in accordance with Treasury guidance.
  • To promote training by effective use of the levy and to secure additional resources from Government and other bodies.
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